Top Ten Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Pressure Cooker

Looking for tips for your pressure cooker? Here are the top 10 tips for getting the most out of your pressure cooker.


When you store your pressure cooker wash the pot, lid, and the gasket well before you put it away and store it with the lid upside down on your pot.

Use Liquid When Cooking

You can use more liquid than what is called for in a recipe when using a pressure cooker but be sure not to use less. The food will cook quickly in a pressure cooker.

Don’t Overfill It

The food and liquid you place in the cooker needs room to expand so be sure not to overfill the pressure cooker when cooking something in it.

Heat Adjustment

One of the ten tips for getting the most out of your pressure cooker is to make heat adjustments to the cooker. Your manual will tell you the optimal heat levels for various cooking methods.


You have to get the timing right to get the most out of your pressure cooker. You want to develop the right pressure in the cooker to cook your foods. Pay close attention to the recipes when it comes to pressure cooking. Be sure not to overcook your foods.

Food Size

Cut food into smaller chunks so it cooks better. Be sure to defrost everything before you cook it. Cubed food or smaller pieces are easier to cook in a pressure cooker than one large slab of meat or whole vegetables.


To get better flavor out of meats you might want to brown them on the stove prior to adding them to your pressure cooker. You can then add in you liquid and pressure cook the entire meal until it’s done.

Read More

Read pressure cooker books to learn how to cook various foods with the pressure cooker and to try out different recipes.


Read the manual and learn the correct way to release the pressure of the cooker once food is ready. Some pressure cookers will release the pressure slowly over time once the food is ready. If in doubt read the manual so you know the correct method for various foods and situations.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with you pressure cooker and try new recipes. You never know what you’ll end up creating. Use these top tips for getting the most out of your pressure cooker next time you use your machine for cooking.