Simba Hybrid vs Emma Original Comparison

Selecting the ideal mattress is by no means a straightforward or inexpensive process. It’s a pricey and potentially life-changing buy. We’ve brought together a comparison guide for the Emma Original and the Simba Hybrid, two of our favorites, to make your life a bit easier.

Which bed-in-a-box mattress manufacturer produces the best one? Emma and Simba are two of the industry’s major companies. Analyzing their two most common models in a variety of categories can help us determine the answer to this issue.

Simba Hybrid vs Emma Original: Construction and Features

Simba Hybrid

  • Top Rated and Award Winning
  • A Proud British Company
  • Expert Sleep Science
  • Simba Service Promise

A helpful place to start when deciding between the Simba Hybrid and the Emma Original is their construction. The Simba Hybrid, as its name suggests, is constructed of a combination of materials, primarily memory foam & micro pocket springs, as opposed to the Emma Original, which is an all-foam mattress.

In-depth, there are four main layers that make up the Simba Hybrid. It has a layer of “Simbatex,” a cozy material that resembles latex and strives to maximize ventilation and cooling capabilities, under its permeable, hypoallergenic cover. A covering of 2,500 conical springs is then added. Because they are shorter than standard mattress springs and focus more on comfort than support, these springs reduce motion transfer.

Finally, the basis of the mattress is composed of two foam layers:  the 155mm support base, which is constructed of harder foam intended for support, lies 35mm of memory foam. The Simba Hybrid measures 250mm in depth overall.

Three foam layers make up the Emma Original, which is rather straightforward. The first layer is made up of 25mm of “Airgocell” foam, which has pressure-relieving and temperature-controlling properties. Memory foam, the second layer, reduces pressure and offers support. To keep you properly supported in any sleeping position and stop the mattress from sagging over time, there is a dense layer of tough, long-lasting foam at the bottom of the mattress.

The three layers of the mattress are protected by a machine-washable, detachable cover that promotes airflow and moisture wicking.

Side handles are a useful feature that both models have that some bed-in-a-box companies often forget to provide. When the time arrives to install or rotate your enormous, hefty mattress, which is a quite tricky task, trust us, it might not seem like much.

Simba Hybrid vs Emma Original: Comfort and Performance

Emma Original

  •  UK’s Most-Awarded Original Mattress
  •  Best-selling Original Pillow
  •  Waterproof anti-allergy Mattress Protector (Optional)
  •  Emma Cloud Duvet (Optional)
  •  Weighted Blanket (Optional)

The Simba Hybrid is significantly firmer than other mattresses; in our evaluation, we gave it a firmness rating of 7 out of 10. It also offers good support. Although the conical spring layer in this mattress doesn’t give it the same bounce as a regular pocket spring mattress, it nevertheless offers a light level of relaxation and pressure reduction. This layer would be a suitable choice for couples where one person has the propensity to toss and turn due to the weight transfer minimization of this layer.

Although the Emma Original has a firmness rating of about 6 out of 10, tests have shown that this doesn’t necessarily equate to less support. Instead, this mattress would typically work for somebody who wants softness and the ability to sink into their bed. We also discovered that the Emma is a great option for side sleepers since the more sink in the hip location enables you to keep your spine in a neutral position.

Simba Hybrid vs Emma Original: Trial Period

A new mattress is a significant investment, particularly if it is a bed-in-a-box that you haven’t tried before. Fortunately, Simba and Emma both provide lengthy trial periods on both mattresses, offering you a total of 200 nights to make sure you are satisfied with your new mattress.

During this time, both businesses allow you to fully unwrap and test your mattress, and both have straightforward and reasonable return policies. Despite this, no company leads the market in terms of trial durations. Rivals Eve and Nectar both offer one-year trials if you’re searching for the longest trial time possible.

Simba Hybrid vs Emma Original: Price

A Simba Hybrid costs £749 for a single, £999 for a double, and £1149 for a king-size outside of sales. At Emma, prices are a bit more reasonable at £499 for a single mattress, £750 for a double mattress, and £849 for a king mattress.

Simba Hybrid vs Emma Original: Closing Remarks

It is challenging to find many issues with any of these well-known bed-in-a-box manufacturers.

Both companies offer mattresses that satisfy clients and generate similar goods. If you’re wanting to update the bedding for the entire family at once, Simba might be the most practical choice for you because it has the largest overall mattress selection and provides children’s mattresses, whereas Emma does not.

The most affordable option in terms of cost mostly depends on the specials that each company is currently offering. Around Black Friday, Boxing Day, and the January sales, both frequently offer large discounts. On the mattress specials page, you can keep track of the most recent rates.


  • Simba or Emma, who has more heft?

The Simba Hybrid mattress is firmer than the Emma mattress. On the Sleep Hero firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest, we gave it a rating of 4 out of 10. This makes it a great option for folks who are lighter or average-weight, especially if they like to sleep on their side.

  • What makes an Emma mattress unique?

There are four layers in The Emma Original. The bed’s stress relief and support are provided by a comfort layer made of contoured memory foam, which is followed by three further layers of polyfoam. An 11-inch mattress with a moderate feel is the end product.

  • How much time does it take a Simba Hybrid mattress to expand?

Cut the plastic carefully, then pry the vacuum seal open. After that, take away all the packing and observe Simba rise to the challenge. Although it may take up to 72 hours for it to fully expand, it is safe and ready for use in three to six hours. As a result, don’t be shocked if it feels fuller after a few days.

  • Can Emma Hybrid help with back pain?

Try the Emma Premium Mattress when looking for the best hybrid mattress for back pain alleviation and body support. The mattress is expertly crafted with a mix of tall springs and memory foam to provide substantial support while also being cozy enough to encourage a good night’s sleep.

  • What makes a Simba mattress so great?

Simba sells mattresses with thousands of cutting-edge micro pocket springs that smoothly adjust to support the spine in addition to premium foam with Simba-Pure comfort layers.