ColonBroom Reviews 2022: Is It Worth It and Legit?

A clean diet and a high level of physical activity are not always the highway to success – while it does work for many, the weight still fluctuates and bounces back to what you have started with. Because of this, nutritionists recommend building a solid foundation first – getting rid of the buildup in one’s gut, ensuring a proper microbiota in the intestines, and boosting your metabolism with organic solutions.

A lack of fiber makes it harder for the digestive system to pass the food, making weight loss a challenge. Therefore, implementing a fiber supplement in your diet helps move food more efficiently.

One of the ways to implement fiber into your diet is by relying on a supplement like ColonBroom. What are its main benefits, is it worth it, and does it offer better results than other supplements? Keep reading to learn more about ColonBroom and its perks.

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Our Review on ColonBroom

ColonBroom is a fiber supplement that can put you on the path of easy-to-reach weight loss, bloating and constipation-free gut, and an instant feeling of lightness. It is an organic, cruelty-free supplement that provides our body with fiber, a bulk-forming, water-loving substance that each of us needs for smooth digestion. By absorbing water in the gut like a sponge, it sweeps away the buildup in one’s intestines, thus providing a better foundation for overall gut health.

It is highly tailored to many diets, including intermittent fasting, keto, and a vegan diet. Also, it is safe to use while pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive. In all scenarios, it may ease your feelings of discomfort from a clogged gut or help you reach your weight goals more easily.

It comes in a powder formula to ensure a sense of fullness and prepare your digestive system before a hearty meal by providing a solid foundation for a smooth bowel movement.

The fiber powder must be mixed with water to turn it into a bright pink strawberry-flavored drink. Drinking the shake right after fixing it is recommended as it develops a jelly-like consistency shortly after.

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ColonBroom’s label suggests the following list of its main components:

  • Psyllium husk powder
  • Citric acid
  • Crystallized lemon
  • Sea salt
  • Stevia leaf extract
  • Natural flavor
  • Fruit and vegetable juice (color)

To provide a better understanding of each ingredient, we have dug into the benefits and properties of each main component of ColonBroom.

The key ingredient, psyllium husk, is a prebiotic – a substance needed for healthy colonies of probiotics to grow in the gut. The psyllium becomes thick in the intestine and resists digestion, making it highly effective against constipation and aiding in weight loss. It keeps your bowel movements regular and softens the stool if adequately hydrated. Therefore, it prevents constipation and other severe conditions, such as anal fissures or hemorrhoids. Other psyllium’s benefits include blood sugar regulation and cholesterol.

Citric acid is used to treat gastrointestinal disorders such as chronic metabolic acidosis. It also helps with energy metabolism, the absorption of minerals, and the prevention or treatment of kidney stones.

Lemon juice can be considered a natural detoxifier. It is known to improve digestion, promote weight loss, and relieve constipation.

Sea salt is known for aiding in cleansing the colon, balancing electrolytes, and detoxifying the body when combined with water.

Stevia, a naturally sourced sweetener with zero calories, gives a sweet taste while maintaining a sugar-free formula of the fiber shake. It has several health benefits, including lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It is also associated with a decreased risk of cavities, an advantage compared to other sweeteners or sugar substitutes.

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Health Benefits

Boosted satiety

While you digest fiber, the digestive system uses it to help pass the food and feel fuller much faster. The feeling of fullness tends to linger. Therefore, there are fewer temptations to snack throughout the day.

That results in easier weight management, and fiber makes it easier for those practicing intermittent fasting to keep up with the fasting windows. Fiber is not digested by our bodies, hence why it does not break your fast – it simply passes through!

Cleansed colon

Not only does fiber ease the digestion process, it also does the job of sweeping all of the accumulated buildup sitting in your gut and taking it to the exit. Besides that, fiber naturally scrubs the insides of your intestines, creating a better environment for your microbiota.

Regulated consistency and volume of your stool

Fiber is a water-loving substance that becomes a viscous compound, keeping the stool hydrated. A hydrated stool is much easier to pass through your gut.

Boosted energy levels

Getting rid of the buildup in your gut can result in higher energy levels and less drowsiness throughout the day.

A flatter belly

When saying goodbye to bloating and constipation, pat the balloon belly and wish a happy farewell to it too. You will suddenly notice a difference in your belly by eliminating gas and buildup in your gut.

Weight regulation

A feeling of fullness and a more regular bowel movement means you will see a weight change if you follow an adequate diet.

How to Use ColonBroom?

The critical ingredient in ColonBroom, psyllium husk, is known for its remarkable properties working precisely like a broom in your gut. While it removes all the waste in your gut, it also lubricates the inside of your intestines, making it easier to digest food.

The water-loving substance also acts like a sponge and slows down fat absorption, making it easier to drop a few stubborn pounds around your waist.

Once a scoop of ColonBroom powder is mixed with water, the jelly-like substance travels through one’s gut and collects the buildup waste inside it, preparing you for a smoother bowel movement. After around a day, you will start feeling a seamless and smooth result. When used twice daily, it ensures an overall healthy foundation of your gut’s microbiota and slows down fat absorption, making one less prone to weight gain.

While getting rid of the buildup in your belly, you will also feel more energetic and experience fewer mood swings since the alien bacteria will not weigh you down in your gut. Also, regular usage will ensure a flatter belly and minor to no bloating.

You should start feeling the changes in your bowel movement within 12–24 hours. More noticeable results can appear after 72 hours. However, it depends on your metabolic rate.

After keeping up the consistency for a week, you will notice a relief in your gut. Incorporating it into your daily diet will help fight symptoms of indigestion but also help keep a healthy foundation for the rest of the diet.

Fiber Health Benefits

Dietary fiber is the ultimate broom of the gut, capable of dusting off everything that has been building up there for ages. There’s a buildup in the gut because 9 out of 10 Americans do not get enough fiber in their diet, making them gain weight, experience fatigue daily, and become more prone to various medical conditions.

While helping you get through difficult digestion blockages such as constipation, fiber sets the right environment in your gut’s microbiota, which allows you to lose weight. In addition, it lowers cholesterol and prevents heart disease, obesity, and cancer.

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that the body cannot digest. It cannot be broken down into sugar molecules; instead, it passes through the body undigested. Therefore, it regulates the body’s use of sugars, keeps the satiety levels high, and gives your gut something to grip to produce a bowel movement.

Regarding weight loss perks, soluble fiber is known for lowering fat absorption and helping weight management since it blocks fats during digestion. Combined with beating bloating and constipation and sweeping away the buildup, it also allows an excellent environment for excess weight to exit your body.

Foods rich in fiber move swiftly through the intestines. Getting enough fiber in your diet ensures an easy digestion process while keeping you feeling full for more extended periods. A suppressed appetite means less snacking throughout the day, resulting in better weight regulation.

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ColonBroom: Pros and Cons

Including many previously mentioned health benefits, ColonBroom has a lot of other advantages to offer. ColonBroom is:

  • Sugar-free, non-GMO, vegan, and organic
  • Compatible with other diets, such as keto or intermittent fasting
  • Safe for breastfeeding or pregnant women
  • Effective after a short amount of time

Additionally, the company offers free shipping to various countries and a 14-day refund policy. With that, it comes in a travel-friendly bottle and a measuring scoop.

However, ColonBroom might have some drawbacks that are common among other fiber supplements, such as:

  • Some may experience temporary side effects
  • Not recommended for clients under 18 years of age
  • Cannot be purchased from offline stores
  • Only one flavor

ColonBroom Alternatives: Other Fiber Supplements

We have researched the market for other fiber supplements and wanted to compare them to ColonBroom. We are going to compare it to Metamucil and zuPOO:






  • Reduces appetite and sugar cravings
  • Increases metabolism rate to speed up weight loss
  • Improves the gut health and digestive system
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Lowers blood sugar to reduce the risk of developing diabetes
  • Combats constipation and bloating
  • Improves energy levels
  • Protects the body from oxidative stresses and inflammation
  • Regulates bowel movements
  • Supports digestive health

  • Can lower cholesterol    
  • Has a laxative effect

  • Could improve digestion

  • Comes in a pill form


May cause minor stomach issues
  • Not certified by the FDA
  • Possible side effects
  • Expensive

  • May aggravate hemorrhoids or anal fissures; rectal bleeding
  • Expensive
  • Wide range of possible side effects
  • Not suitable for weight loss
  • Not vegan
  • Traces of dairy could be found
  • Electrolyte imbalance from the product’s ingredients may lead to loss of stamina and confusion

Frequently Asked Questions About ColonBroom

Q: What’s the appropriate ColonBroom dosage?
A: ColonBroom recommends a one-time dosage of one teaspoon of powder with 360–420ml of water.

Q: How to use ColonBroom?
A: Open the inside page and find out the instructions for using ColonBroom according to your goal.

Q: How much is one scoop?
A: 1 scoop is 5.7g/0.2oz.

Q: How does ColonBroom work?
A: Dietary fiber acts as a prebiotic that influences intestinal microbiota composition. Studies show that psyllium husk, the main ingredient in ColonBroom, can improve the clinical symptoms of constipation by regulating gut microbiota.

Our gut influences overall health – even obesity, diabetes, and cholesterol levels. Healthy digestive flora is also a big part of our immune system.

Q: Is it safe for nursing or pregnant women?
A: Yes. But, just to be safe, we highly recommend consulting with your doctor before using ColonBroom if you are pregnant/nursing/trying to conceive.

Q: What are the side effects of ColonBroom?
A: When starting ColonBroom, you may experience slight bloating/gas. It is a consequence of a healthy shift in the microbiome.

Q: Why is it better to take ColonBroom before meals?
A: Taking ColonBroom before your meals is most recommended. Psyllium husk (the main ingredient in ColonBroom) forms a thick gel and shouldn’t be taken with food because it can prevent the absorption of nutrients.